Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Storybook Photography Photo Session - The Waltmans

About a month ago, there was a Saturday where I had 3 photo sessions in one day! It was a fun, but busy day! I've shared the other two sessions with you earlier, but this was the last of the three. :-) They are friends of ours that we met through church. They are such a sweet family. 

We did a few poses that were for their Christmas Cards. I just love this family shot. :-)

Then we did some individuals of each of their children.

 Big Brother Matthew,



and the baby, Gracie.

We also took a few more family shots and just some fun shots here and there.


Shannon said...

These are wonderful. YOu're getting quite the portfolio!

Stephanie said...

These photos are all so great! What a cute family! You captured some amazing shots!