Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Yay, It's Friday! 

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Labor Day weekend was so much fun for us, so I thought I'd share 5 fun things that made our weekend so great!

1.) First and foremost, as many of you know, we found out we're expecting baby #2 in May of next year! We are so excited! You can read all about how we found out here.

2.) We finally upgraded our cell phones to the iphone 5. We've been due an upgrade since Spring of this year, but just hadn't had the extra money to upgrade to two iphones at $199 a piece. We had Android phones before, but were really wanting iphones with this upgrade. Thankfully we waited. With the new iphone coming out soon, the iphone 5 has dropped drastically in price! So we took advantage of the half price discount over the weekend and finally upgraded!

3.) We had so much fun @ Chris' surprise 30th Birthday party last Friday night! Chris and Holly just bought a beautiful new house and it was nice to get to see it in person and spend the evening with friends.

4.) On Saturday, we went to visit my Dad's side of the family (My Grandparent's, Aunts and a Cousin) at Rend Lake, in Illinois. My Grandparent's have a camper and were camping there, so we decided to go there for the day and spend some time with them. We grilled dinner and roasted marshmallows. The boys loved being outside all day. They played with their cars in the dirt and had a great time!

Jackson sitting on his Great Grandma's lap.

Yummy Marshmallows. Ha!

5.) Then Monday, the weather was gorgeous, so Jackson and I met up with my Mom, Aunt Karla and my Sister and her boys for lunch and a fun day at Willoughby Farm, while our husbands played golf. The farm has several animals and all kinds of fun things for kids to do. Jackson and I had never been there before, but we had so much fun and hope to go back again.

Jackson loved feeding the goats. It tickled his hand and he laughed everytime!

Pretend driving a tractor.

They loved this tire swing!

And this one too. :-)

Fun on the teeter-totter.

And this was probably Jackson's very favorite thing at the farm. They had a big train/tractor table in one of the old farm buildings. Jackson loved it!!

Here's to another great weekend!!!


Unknown said...

Congratulations on baby #2! Your little guy is too cute :) Stopping by from 5 on Friday, have a good weekend!

Sarah said...

We just got the 5's a couple weeks ago as well! Love that marshmallow pic :)

Rychelly said...

Congrats on the new baby! Love the pics! Have a great weekend!

Holly said...

You really did have the best Labor Day weekend, ever!! :)

Shannon said...


Desiree Macke said...

Little boys and dirt, they can't ever seem to get enough of it!

Lizzie @ This Happy Life said...

New follower here :) Found you over at the Good Life Blog, excited to look around!

Congrats on baby #2!!

Stephanie said...

The tire swing photos are SO SO cute!!

kyna... said...

Congratulations on baby #2!!! So excited for you guys!
♥ Kyna