Monday, July 1, 2013

Jackson's 20 Month Post!

My sweet boy is growing so fast. It amazes me how tall he is. I often hear that he looks like a 2 year old. :-)

He's been eating really well these last couple of weeks. Still loving a majority of the same foods. A new one that he loves is pickles. He even tried to say pickle the other night! He loves peas, corn, green beans, applesauce, pudding, chicken (nuggets), hot dogs, fish sticks, teddy grahams and fruit snacks.

We had an ear re-check a week and a half ago and his ears were still red, so she put him on another antibiotic. Omnicef this time. I'm hoping and praying when she re-checks again that his ears are all cleared up!

Jackson has become really interested in cars and trucks. I've been buying him a few hot wheels every time we go to the store. He loves playing with them and will play with them for long periods of time. Its really cute. He also loves to point out every car or truck that drives by our house when we're outside. The bigger the truck the better he likes it. We saw a fire truck last night and he got so excited! I'm thinking about scheduling a tour of the new Fire Station we have in our town so he can see a fire truck close up. 

I don't know of too many new words that he's said this month. He did try to say pickle and if you show him a boat or a picture of a boat, he knows what it is and says boat. I've been trying super hard to get him to say car and truck lately, but he just won't do it. He's said car once and my mom said he said truck once, but he will not say them again. The little stinker!

He's very active and can climb and jump and do many physical things. He will try just about anything and doesn't seem scared at all. 

He still has 16 teeth. No new teeth to report.

Its been a great month and as always, we are having so much fun and are enjoying him so much!


Shannon said...

What is it with boys and cars? I have a feeling I'll be buying hot wheels next year too!

I'd love to hear him say pickle. I bet it sounded adorable.

Stephanie said...

This month's photo is extra cute!! Jackson just looks so happy! Rosen does the same thing with words - she'll say something once and then refuse to say it again. So frustrating!

Katelyn @ Imperfect Perfection said...

What a cutie! Hopefully my husband and I will be experiencing all of this soon. :)

Annette said...

Your little boy is adorable. Enjoy this special time. (It's hard to believe that my 'little guy' is now almost five!) My little boy didn't say too many words at 20 months either. I've been told that while girls are quite verbal, most boys take longer in this area. We have a sea of cars, truck, and trains in our house now. The fascination just continues... Have fun :)