Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Beautiful Afternoon

Last month we paid a little visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden. It's one of my all time favorite St. Louis attractions! The weather was perfect on the day we went and we had a great time. My mom, sister and my nephews joined Jackson and I. We had a picnic lunch in Forest Park and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the Garden.

The reason why I'm just getting around to posting about this is because I took a TON of pictures. The garden is a photographers dream. So many beautiful flowers, fountains, ponds, bridges and wildlife... its hard not to just snap away. I had to narrow the 275 pictures I took, down to just a few of my favorites. That turned into 95... still quite a few for a blog post. So I then had to narrow it down even more. :-) 

These first 3 pictures are from our picnic in Forest Park.

 After our picnic, we headed over to the MO Botanical Garden. Once in the garden, our first stop was at the Climatron. This is where all of the tropical flowers and plants are.

A banana tree.

Showing me the fish tank. :-)

The Climatron drops you off into a "playroom" for kids. Our boys had a great time in here. There was a play kitchen, dress up clothes, a play garden area, a coloring area and a play store area.

Mason the Baker. :-)

Of course, he lined up the little cups all in a row. :-)

After playing for a while in here, we headed outside to the Children's Garden. The Children's Garden is so much fun. (Even for adults, Ha!)

This was the best picture I could get of the three of them. They are all so silly!

Climbing around in the caves.

Little monkeys!

Jackson "driving" the big river boat.

My sister with her boys. Unfortunately the sun was right in their faces.

Jackson and I. He did not want to cooperate for a picture.

After spending a good amount of time in the Children's Garden, we walked over to the Japanese Garden, (My favorite part of the garden.)

There is a Koi Pond in the Japanese Garden and you can feed the fish.

These next 2 pictures are from the Chinese Garden.

After that, we just walked through the remainder of the garden, stopping at a fountain for the kids to play in. 

We had such a great afternoon at the garden! Until next time.

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Stephanie said...

Great photos! It looks like such a fun day! We have a great botanical gardens here in Atlanta. I haven't been since I've had Rosen though, but I hear there is a children's garden there too. This post makes me really want to check it out!

Desiree Macke said...

What an awesome garden! We have a botanical garden nearby that we've never visited, apparently we need to do so!

Shannon said...

Great photos of a gorgeous location. I think my fav picture, however, is Jackson so excited to point out the fish tank! :)

Jenny said...

Amy, all these pictures are so nice! It looks like a great place to spend the day. I also love the little flag you're using for a watermark. I may have to borrow that idea. :)

Mona's Picturesque said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us! Love the selection of beautiful flowers but especially your pictures of kiddos. What a pleasure visiting ♥ Thank you!