Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Birthday Outing with the Smith Girls

This past Saturday, the Smith girls (My MIL and my 2 SIL's) took me out for my birthday. This is a tradition of ours. For each of our birthdays, we plan a day out/in that is a surprise for the birthday girl. Here are some of our past birthday parties/outings, here, here, here, here, and here.

This year, they surprised me by taking me to the Painted Zebra.

Its a really cool place where you can pick a piece of pottery (plate, cookie jar, picture frame, piggy bank, etc.) and paint it to your liking. They had different examples and many of them were soooo cute! It was hard to chose what you wanted to paint. I ended up choosing a plate and painted it like another plate I had seen there that had different holiday themes around it and in the middle, it said "Celebrate with the _______". So once you figured out what you wanted to paint, you got started drawing it all on with a pencil. They had some stencils you could use and all the paint brushes and paint you would need. After drawing it all on, you painted over it with the colored paints you wanted. It was so much fun and very nerve wracking too, Ha! Here are each of us with our "masterpieces". ☺

And here's a close up of my plate all finished. I am by no means an artist. (The colors are a little off because the paint is lighter than what it will look like after its been put in the kiln and glazed.) We pick them up on Wed. or Thurs., so I'll have to show you all the real finished product when I get it back. ☺

And here we are all finished with our projects.

After we were done here, we went to Dewey's Pizza for dinner. It was very good.

After dinner we went back to my MIL's house for drinks and we just sat and talked. 

We had such a fun day together. I look forward to the next birthday!! :-)


Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Oh how fun and YUM to Dewey's Pizza! We went there on Sunday. :)

Sara McCarty said...

You were in my neck of the woods! I pass that Painted Zebra place all the time and think about making a plate for Mac with his tiny handprints on it. I really need to go.

Stephanie said...

Oh how fun!! That's so cool that you guys have that tradition! The painting place looks like a fun thing to do with girls. I went to one once, but my creation was awful. That pizza looks pretty delicious, too! Glad you had a blast!

Desiree Macke said...

What a fun day! I've been begging Scott to go to a similar pottery place. He's reluctant... Wonder why?
Glad you had such a great birthday!!

Amanda Z said...

Happy Birthday! (a little late) Those paint your own ceramic places always look like so much fun, I need to search for one around here. Looks like a good time was had by all!

Sarah said...

What a fun tradition! And Dewey's pizza.... nom nom.

Shannon said...

That is such a cool tradition. And now I want pizza for lunch.

Happy bday again!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

Oh man that pizza looks good! LOL. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a great day!