Friday, April 26, 2013

Beautiful Mama Blog Award

Last week I was privileged to receive the Beautiful Mama Blog Award from Stephanie at This Wonderful Life!  Stephanie is so sweet. I love reading her blog everyday and seeing the beautiful pictures she takes of her sweet Rosen. :-)

In return, I'm nominating a few of my favorite blog moms:

1. (My sister) Ashlee from Life Without Pink
2. Desiree from Macke Monologues
3. Shannon from Sitting in a Tree
4. Jamie from Party of Five 
5. Sara from Running From the Law
6. Joeylee from Sweet N Sassy Girls 

What to do:
1. Use the above image in your acceptance post.
2. List 3 things you love most about motherhood.
3. Nominate as many other deserving mamas as you’d like!

3 Things I Love Most About Motherhood:

1. The strong bond between you and your child. Its a love like no other. I never really understood it until I had Jackson. Its a love beyond measure.

2. Watching Jackson explore and learn new things is so exciting. Its truly amazing to me to watch him grow and learn.

3. Being a mom is so much fun. There are difficult times too, but I just love all the fun we have with Jackson. Watching him have fun and enjoy even the littlest of things, gives me so much joy!


Desiree Macke said...

This is so sweet! Thank you for the nomination!

Sarah said...

It is a wonderfully, hard, fun, sweet life as a mother, isn't it?! :)

Joeylee said...

Loving the pictures. Thanks for the nomination!!

Stephanie said...

I love your 3 things! Motherhood is pretty amazing!! All the photos are so sweet, too! I really need to get better about getting in photos with Rosen. I have hardly any of just me and her.

Ashlee said...

Thanks for the nomination. I love these pics they are priceless and ones youll cherish. Your a great mom and Jackson is a lucky guy to have you!

Shannon said...

Awwww - thanks for the nomination. I, too, agree that the bond you get with your child is so intensely incredible and beyond anything you can imagine.

It's almost magical and I'm blessed every day that I get to experience it!