Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MIA and Whats in a Name Link Up

Sorry I've been MIA the last few days. Jackson had RSV last week with a fever lasting 2 1/2 days. I took off work and we just napped a lot and cuddled on the couch. He looked so miserable. :-( 

I also caught some sort of cold/sinus thing because I had a runny nose, really bad sore throat and just didn't feel good for a few days.

Thankfully we're both on the mend and I'm back to work today!!

Now onto the link-up.

Amanda over at My Very Own Modern Family, is doing a link up today asking us to explain why we gave our children the names we gave them.

Jackson Thomas has kind of a long explanation. Thomas was a name that I liked for a long time and was also my Great Grandfather's name. Jake liked it because his favorite Civil War General (Jake is very much into anything Civil War) was Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. We often tossed around the idea of naming our first son Thomas, but I was always afraid people would call him Tom, and I didn't want that. I had also heard the name Jackson being used a little more, a year or so before becoming pregnant, and I started to really like the name. I told Jake if we ever had a boy we should use that name somehow, maybe even name him Thomas Jackson after my Great Grandpa and after the Civil War General. We tossed that idea around, but I still worried about people calling him Tom. So one night on the way home, we were talking about baby names (before I was even pregnant) and I said what if we switched the names around and used Jackson Thomas, and he agreed that he liked it. So it just stuck and thats what we decided to use if we ever had a boy. We still loved it when we found out we were having a boy and I still love it today. It really fits Jackson.
So how did you come up with your children's names?? Be sure and link up with Amanda!


Desiree Macke said...

We battled RSV a few weeks ago. NO FUN! Good to hear everyone is feeling better.
Love the "name" story. I will be linking up with this!!

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

Cute and he is precious.

Shannon said...

I love reading stories about how people name their kids. And you're right, he totally fits his name.

I blogged about how we chose the name Taylor Leighann here:


Becky said...

I love the name Jackson. And may I say that even though he is not feeling well, he is still the cutest baby ever!

Amanda Z said...

I hope your little guy is feeling better! That RSV is no joke.

Thanks for linking up with me today! The Stonewall Jackson story is great. I love names after historical figures.

Unknown said...

RSV is awful! My daugther had it at 2 weeks old and that's the scariest shit I've ever had to deal with as a mom.

Holly said...

Cute story about the name! Glad to hear you are all feeling better!

kyna... said...

So glad you guys are feeling better! :-)
♥ Kyna

Stephanie said...

It's great to hear the story behind the name, and what a cute name it is!